Terms and conditions

Summer Registration Terms and Conditions

  • * The unlimited class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • * Summer Camps are non-refundable but cancellations made 1 week prior to camps may be eligible to transfer to another week during summer 2019.
  • * All Classes are 30 minutes and students may attend any class within their age range on any day and create your own schedule. 
  • * There is no dress code/required uniform for the summer, however we recommend wearing something comfortable and easy to move in (or dance wear). Please wear socks, or go barefoot; indoor running shoes may be worn for hip hop.
  • * Classes run from July 8 to August 29, there are no classes the week of August 3-9th.  


Yearly Registration Terms and Conditions

  • * I understand that this is a 10 month program running from September 16th, 2019 to June 15th, 2020. The class fees are either paid in full by year or in 10 installments. The deposit upon registration consists of 2 installments. There are 8 subsequent payments after the deposit starting Oct 1st and billed monthly. The installments can only by charged on a credit card. Fees can be paid upfront by year by e-transfer, cash or credit card.
  • * I understand that there are no refunds on installment payments. Although the installments are made monthly it is not related to the number of classes in a month. 
  • * I understand that a 30 day written notice by e-mail is required for all yearly class cancellations and that I am responsible for paying all installments scheduled during that time and that the absolute final day for withdrawal for this season is March 30th.
  • * I understand that there are no makeup classes offered due to student absences. 
  • * I understand that MSD does not offer makeup classes for classes cancelled by the school and that the studio includes two weeks in their yearly schedule that is not billed to accommodate for studio cancellations. 
  • * I understand that MSD has a uniform for the school and that my child is required to wear the uniform for all their classes. Students may be asked to sit out if they are not in the proper dance uniform. The uniform does not apply for summer classes and camps. Student are required to have their hair tied back in a ponytail for each class and a bun for ballet (from show stars and up). 
  • * I understand that there is a yearly recital at the Markham Theatre and the yearly dance fees include the dance recital performance, costume, pictures, etc.

I understand that by registering for the dance program I am therefore accepting these terms and conditions.