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🩰🕺💃 Our Dance Company Intensive Program

A transformative experience like no other. Fostering a vibrant and nurturing environment that empowers young dancers to unleash their creative potential, refine their skills, and shape their dreams into reality. With a focus on performances 🌟, competitions 🏆, leadership and exams 📝, our program provides a holistic approach to dance education that not only elevates technique but also cultivates a deep appreciation for the art form.

🎭 Performances:  Our program places a strong emphasis on the importance of stage presence and the art of performance. Students have the opportunity to showcase their talent in a variety of productions, from intimate recitals to grand-scale performances. These experiences not only build confidence but also allow dancers to share their passion with a wider audience, connecting with the emotional and expressive aspects of dance.

🏅Competitions:  We believe in nurturing a competitive spirit that drives growth and excellence. Through our program, students will have the chance to participate in dance competitions. These events not only challenge their skills but also provide a platform to receive valuable feedback from dance professionals. It's an opportunity for our dancers to shine and strive for their personal best.

📚 Exams:  In addition to practical performance experience, our Dance Company Intensive Program also focuses on the technical foundations of dance. Students participate in yearly examinations offered by an internationally recognized dance association to assess their progress and mastery of various dance styles and techniques. These exams provide a structured framework for improvement, ensuring that each dancer reaches their full potential while also building discipline and a strong work ethic.

🌟 Leadership Development: We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our program extends beyond dance steps, encouraging leadership skills through dance. We offer opportunities for your child to embrace leadership roles within the dance community, fostering confidence, responsibility, and a strong sense of teamwork. To find out more about leadership opportunities for your child please contact the studio. 

🎓 Teacher Training:  The combination of dance exams and leadership training leads students to the teacher training program. Learn to inspire future dancers, teach techniques, and share your passion for dance with the next generation. Plus become a certified teacher by the time you graduate from high school. 

At our Dance Company Intensive Program, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of talented and passionate dancers. We provide the guidance, mentorship, and resources needed to turn dreams into reality, whether that means a future in professional dance or simply a lifelong love for the art. Join us on this exciting journey and become a part of our extraordinary dance team family, where movement, unity, and artistic expression take centre stage. 🌟🩰💃🕺

🗓️ Weekly Dance Classes Schedule: 

If you are not sure what level your child would be in please contact the studio for a complimentary class assessment. 

Unionville (Markham West) - Prima Academy - 50 McIntosh Dr. Unit 115 - Click Here for Google Map to Prima Academy

Minis - Grades 2 and up - Main Program includes:
Year 1 - Saturday Ballet, Jazz and Tap - (1.5 hours minimum)
Year 2 - Saturday Ballet, Jazz and Tap plus Tuesday Jazz and Tap (2.25 hours minimum)
Optional: Hip Hop and Acro

Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 12.14.32 PM

Juniors - Grades 5 and up - Main Program includes:
Level 1 - Tuesday Jazz & Tap & Lyrical (2 hours minimum)
Level 2 - Saturday Ballet, Plus Tuesday Jazz, Tap and Lyrical (3 hours minimum)
Optional: Hip Hop and Acro

Note: level 2 dancers may be eligible for additional special dances for competition

Junior Final Schedule

Inters - Grades 7 and up - Main Program Includes (4-6 hours):
Thursday: Technique, Jazz and Lyrical, Ballet, Saturday Stretch and Choreography Classes, Ballet Exam Class
Optional: Tap, Hip Hop, Acro

Note: Students may be eligible for solos and special dances in this level. 

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 2.52.56 PM

Senior - Grades 9 and up - Main Program Includes (4-6 hours):
Select from the class times below - required jazz, technique, choreography and 
Optional: Tap, Hip Hop, Acro, *highly recommended ballet exam class

Note: Students may be eligible for solos and special dances in this level. 

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