FUNdations - Grades 4 and up

🎉 Introducing the Dance FUNdations Program for Grades 4 and up

🕺 Get ready to ignite your child's creativity, coordination, and self-expression through the captivating world of dance. 💃 Embark on an exhilarating dance journey filled with diverse styles including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, acro, musical theatre, and the latest dance trends. 🎵 Let the enchantment of music and movement create enduring memories and shared experiences. 🤝 Join a vibrant and supportive community of families on an extraordinary journey of connection.

🗓️ Weekly Dance Classes offered at Two Convenient Locations: Select from one of two convenient Locations or mix and match to suit your schedule. Immerse your child in the joy of dance every week with our engaging and dynamic classes. Led by caring, dedicated instructors, these sessions encompass a range of dance styles and techniques, providing a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

Box Grove (Markham East) - Dance Stars - 290 Copper Creek Dr. 
Unionville (Markham West) - Prima Academy - 50 McIntosh Dr. Unit 115

Grades 4-8

📚 The FUNdations Curriculum: A Clear Path to Progress! Our Dance Stars curriculum has been meticulously designed to offer your older dancer a clear and comprehensible progression. This approach empowers both you and your child to monitor their growth, comprehend their existing skills, and envision their future achievements.

📊 Progress Skills Card: Through our progress sheets adorned with achievement stars and the successful completion of each level, your child will taste the thrill of advancement and learning. These elements not only cultivate a sense of accomplishment but also infuse a spark of exhilaration and delight into the program.

💰 Convenient Class Fees: Begin your child's dance journey with an all-inclusive payment covering essentials and ensuring a seamless start:

  • Initial payment upon registration includes the first monthly fee, class uniform, shoes, and a registration fee
  • Monthly billing follows your registration date
  • 30-day withdrawal option
  • Note: No refunds for payments made or missed classes

👕 Class Uniform: Embrace unity and style with our school uniform, conveniently provided to you upon registration. If additional items interest you, don't hesitate to contact the studio for personalized options.

🎉 Performance Excitement: Revel in the magic of three captivating stage performances held in December, May/June, and August. These remarkable showcases honor your child's growth and accomplishments. Please note that performance fees, encompassing costumes, photos, videos, and tickets, are additional and not included in the class fees. Costs for these events start at $100 per dance.

Enroll your child today and become a part of our extraordinary dance family, where movement, unity, and artistic expression take center stage. Join the Dance Stars Grades 4-6 Program and embark on a remarkable journey filled with music, movement, and cherished memories.

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